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Why Choose Us?

General Gas Work

We are a company who deals with all aspects of gas work. We can complete your job with a professional approach from installing a cooker to installing a central heating system.

We Understand Central Heating

We will come to your property and consult with yourself to design the best heating system for you. We have installed central heating systems of various sizes from a 1 bedroom home to a 35 bedroom nursing home. You can rest assured that we are a company that has lots of experience in the business. We also understand that you don't buy central heating that often, maybe only once or twice in your lifetime, so it's important that you find someone you can rely on and trust to give you the best advice and also do a good job. We are committed to helping you every step of the way to ensure you get the right heating for your home from the moment you first contact us to when we install your new heating.

We Try To Accommodate The Customer's Needs

As a valued customer we would always aim to be available should you require any future work.

Annual Maintenance

As a customer of ours we have the facility to carry out periodic servicings on your appliances, we would ask if you want us to call you again when your appliance is due to be serviced again. This function allows us to ensure that your appliance is maintained correctly throughout it's life. We also have all of our records backed up so if you ever lose a job sheet then you could contact us and we would send out a copy.

We are a company who will install, service and maintain your appliances. Around 80% of central heating breakdowns are caused by bad water quality in the system. Bad water will erode parts inside the boiler resulting in a breakdown. As part of our maintenance we offer the service of adding inhibitor to your system. The inhibitor works by coating the surfaces in the heating system to help prevent them from corroding.